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Local Content Verification Audit by South African Bureau of Standards kicks off at RMS

As part of the localisation requirements for the new South African Mining Act, all suppliers to mines in South Africa must have their products validated for more than 60 percent local content to be recognised under the Acts BBBEE procurement codes. This is to encourage local manufacturing of mining goods and stimulate the local economy. […]

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RMS improves BBBEE status and updates strategy

Refractory and Metallurgical Solutions has recently completed its 2021 BBBEE audit and have improved from Level 7 to Level 5. Our target was Level 4, unfortunately, Covid-19 during 2020 hampered our efforts. However, the key highlights for RMS are: Black ownership is 33,08 percent with Black Female Ownership being 4,10 percent;Local manufacturer of refractory bricks […]

RMS launches Thermal Scanning Services

Refractory & Metallurgical Solutions has recently launched thermal scanning services. How it Works To inspect refractory material in furnaces, as well as kilns, the equipment must stop being used and then inspected visually. However, with the use of thermal imaging, production can continue whilst scanning the furnace or kiln. Hot spots will show up while […]

Refractories Window Interview with Managing Director of RMS

Refractories Window recently reached out to conduct an interview with Refractory and Metallurgical Solutions Managing Director, Dennis Brazier. The interview is based on our role in South Africa’s economy and the future of refractories in our country. Refractories Window Interview “We are expecting greater competition and consolidation of monolithic producers or even closures of smaller […]

Localisation in South Africa is more important than ever

Localisation in South Africa of manufacturing has been encouraged for years by the government. With this being said, it has become even more essential due to the Covid-19 pandemic which has effected global supply chains. In order for the South African economy to recover, we need to support local and begin manufacturing locally. RMS Marketing […]

RMS announcement on Covid-19

RMS supports the national lockdown due to Covid-19 as announced by President Ramaphosa last night. RMS management are looking at mitigation measures to reduce the impact on our supply chains and assisting customers during the lockdown period. Customers can contact us to discuss their needs. Our priority is our employee and their family health and […]

RMS concludes BBBEE deal and lifts shareholding to 33.08%

RMS yesterday concluded a BBBEE deal increasing shareholding in the company from 12.5 to 33.08 percent. With this deal, RMS becomes the only South African Refractory producer of brick and monolithics that will comply with the new BBBEE codes of the Department of Trade and Industry and the Department of Minerals and Energy. RMS has […]

RMS BBBEE Shareholding Improves on Sasfin Empowerment Deal

Sasfin has concluded a BBBEE deal with WIPHOLD acquiring 33.08 percent of Sasfin’s shareholding. Sasfin, through its 100 percent owned subsidiary of Sasfin Private Equity, holds 48 percent of RMS shares. The empowerment transaction in Sasfin effectively gives WIPHOLD a 12 percent shareholding in RMS. RMS is committed to transformation and is in the process […]

RMS Broadens Product Offering with Graphite Electrodes

Refractory and Metallurgical Solutions is happy to announce the addition of graphite electrodes and products to their product offerings. RMS has secured a source of graphite products from a reputable Chinese supplier. In addition, together with our major shareholder, have come up with innovative financing options which can be offered to customers, easing cashflow constraints […]

Refractory and Metallurgical Solution fused grain prices impacted by graphite electrode pricing

The ongoing volatility in the graphite electrode pricing from China will impact RMS produced fused grain and magnesia chromite prices. RMS produces fused magnesia chromite spinels at it Vereeniging plant, which are used in the production of magnesia chrome refractories. The current surge in electrode prices of more than 300 percent, will have a big […]

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