Our Bricks

Our Refractory Products

Ranging from magnesia chrome brick, alumina chrome brick, monolithic materials and more refractory products.

Insulating Brick
Insulating Brick, V20, V23, V26
Alumina Chrome Brick
Veral 97C
High Alumina Brick
Nozzles & Sleeves
Magnesia Chrome Brick
Verocon 50FG, Verocon 65FG & D50
High Alumina Brick
High Alumina Bricks Including Fireclay Brick
Alumina Silicate
Checker Brick
Acid Resistant Brick
Acid Resistant Brick
High alumina brick
Magnesia Chrome Brick
D45/100, D60/100HD, D60/100 C5
Magnesite Brick
Magnesite Brick, B1, B2 & B2HR
Areas We Have Serviced

We have worked with many clients in the past from all over the world including:

  • Middle East
  • Southern Africa
  • Indonesia
  • North America
  • Australia
  • Asia
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