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About Us

Our Story

Refractory and Metallurgical Solutions (RMS) beginning was as the South African brick manufacturing business of Vereeniging Refractories in Vereeniging and Springs.

In 2014, the brickmaking and basic monolithic businesses underwent a management buyout, the business trading as Verref Shaped.

After a major restructuring in 2016, the name of the business was changed to Refractory and Metallurgical Solution Pty Ltd. At the same time, RMS started shaping its business model around its technical expertise and world class product range.

Our roots are strongly entrenched in South Africa where our parent company Vereeniging Refractories enabled the unlocking of the mineral wealth and industrialisation. RMS has now enetered a new dawn, looking at contributing to the growth of a new inclusive South Africa and a new global economy.

Our Approach

Our vision is unlocking and creating value from mineral resources for the benefit of society. RMS is more than a refractory producer and supplier. We are passionate about finding and implementing sustainable value adding answers to our client’s refractory and associated metallurgical challenges.

We view our customers as partners and their plants as our plants. Our client success is our success.

Our technical expertise is our greatest strength with a team drawn from the very industry were serve. Our team have come from successful operational leadership roles ranging from copper, lead, zinc, ilmenite, ferro alloys, refractory manufacture and iron and steel.

This key strength allows our team to look at processes from a metallurgical and operational perspective before recommending bespoke solutions that will add significant value to our client’s processes.

Our Operations

RMS consists of three operational sites located at Vereeniging and Olifantsontein (Vesuvius toll manufactured products), in the Gauteng province.

The Vesuvius toll manufacturing operations manufacture basic and high alumina-silicate bricks at its Olifantsfontein plant. All production is overseen by RMS technical staff and is produced using RMS IP and supplied raw materials.

The Vereeniging site operations consists of a small fusion plant to produce the raw materials for basic brick manufacture, finishing (cutting and grinding facilities) and warehouse facilities. The site also houses the technology centre where all technical functions including research and development for the company is conducted.

All monolithic products produced by RMS (basic and high alumina monolithic products) is produced in a new facility located close to the Vereeniging site, at our technology partner, LTM Technologies. The plant, equipment, raw materials and IP for the production of basic and high alumina products is 100 percent owned by RMS and managed and operated by LTM Technologies. The partnership gives RMS access to the technology owned by LTM Technologies to produce and develop a full range of alumina silicate monolithic materials as well as a modern precast facility.

RMS global partners are Dalmia OCL in India, sourcing refractory products for the Iron and Steel, Cement and Glass sectors for our SADC customers. In addition, RMS has partners in China supplying various shaped products and graphite materials (blocks, electrodes). Our partners have been hand-picked by RMS management to ensure that our values and business principles are aligned, but importantly quality and service is met.

Our History

  1. Split Entities

    The owners of Vereeniging Refractories made the decision to unbundle the business into four business units. The four entities became known as “Verref Trade (Pty) Ltd”, “Verref Elgin (Pty) Ltd”, “Verref Shaped (Pty) Ltd” and “Verref Minerals”. “Vereeniging Refractories (Pty) Ltd” became the holding company.

  2. Individual Trading

    All entities started trading individually and independently.

  3. Independence

    “Verref Shaped (Pty) Ltd” was sold to a consortium including management and Sasfin Private Equity on 1 April 2014, creating a new, independent South African refractory producer, not associated with Vereeniging Refractories.

  4. Business Rescue

    The business was put into business rescue due to the major economic slowdown at the end of 2015 in the world metals markets. The plan was to restructure the company to be sustainable long term and keep refractory manufacturing in South Africa. As such, Verref Shaped entered into a toll manufacturing agreement with Vesuvius South Africa, whereby all shaped basic and firebrick products are produced by Vesuvius using Verref Shaped’s IP and raw materials. The toll agreement commenced in February 2016. The companies remain independent and have no common interests. Rietfontein plant was closed end September 2016 as part of the business rescue plan. In addition RMS forged a working partnership with LTM technologies for the production of all monolithic materials from assets owned by RMS.

    The company concluded business rescue proceedings by publishing substantial implementation of the business rescue plan on 7 October 2016. The company exited business rescue on 18 October 2016.

  5. Rebranding and new look business

    The company was rebranded to “Refractory and Metallurgical Solutions Pty Ltd” on 9 November 2016, heralding a new chapter in the company. The company’s vision is to become the “Preferred refractory and metallurgical supplier in Southern Africa and the World.”

  6. BBBEE Shareholding increases to 12 percent

    WIPHOLD acquires 25 percent shareholding in Sasfin Bank, lifting BBBEE shareholding in RMS to 12 percent.

  7. Distributor and agent for Dalmia OCL

    Conclude a distribution and agency agreement to market and sell Dalmia OCL products to RMS customers in SADC.

    BBBEE Shareholding Increased to 40.82%

    RMS concludes its BBBEE deal and lifted its shareholding to 40.82%. Read more here.

Did you know?

The company was started by Sammy Marx in Vereeniging, originally called “Vereeniging Refractories”. The business was started when the clays around the area showed superior refractory properties. The company evolved through the decades to become the biggest refractory producer in the Southern hemisphere, operating and owning various operations and mines.


RMS recently concluded its BBBEE deal and lifted its shareholding to 40.82%. Read more here.


BBBEE Shareholding %

SHEQ Policy

RMS is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment, ensuring sound environmental management and supplying fit for purpose products and services that exceeds our customer and industry expectations. Download our SHEQ Policy.