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Technical Capabilities

We pride ourselves on our technical competence to understand the technical challenges facing our clients and developing products and services that exceeds the client expectations. With a team that has vast experience in pyrometallurgy, chemical metallurgy, refractory production, refractory installation and inspection, we are able to assist clients and prospective clients in all refractory and associated metallurgical related matters. RMS has access to a vast network of metallurgical & refractory expertise to supplement the current team.

Refractory Design

We can evaluate, improve / optimise or redesign refractory layouts to meet the requirements of the process design.

Manufacturing & Sourcing

We manufacture a full range of shaped and unshaped refractory products and can source products from our strategic partners in India and China to meet the needs of our clients.

Third Party Refractory QC/QA Inspections

Refractory QC / QA inspections before installation including refractory testing and analysis, and during installations. We have inspectors in China and India that can inspected refartory products after manufacture.

Refractory Life Optimisation

Through our expertise, we work together with clients to optimise the refractory life through evaluation of process and operational impacts on the refractory.


We offer refractory training courses to our clients and end users of refractories. This training is online and can also be offered at client sites.

Failure & Performance Analysis

We have the expertise to conduct refractory failure analysis, either before use or post mortem analysis. In addition we have the capability to test refractory performance in our technology centre.

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Our Projects

RMS is capable of completing project work ranging from 50 to 2000 tonnes of refractory products. RMS is a leading supplier of refractory brick and monolithic products for six in line smelting vessels in the base metals industry, working closely with OEM’s like Hatch. RMS has state of the art grinding facilities capable of grinding brick to tolerances of up to 0.8mm. Our design team can also design complex brick shapes to be pressed on modern high speed hydraulic presses. We pride our selves with being flexible to produce complex shapes and smaller quantities.

Our facilities include brick grinding machines, cutting and drilling of brick up to 600mm and magnesium sulphate impregnation of basic brick.

our services
Consulting and Support Services

RMS offer consulting services to the pyrometallurgical and chemical industry and will be able to access the right skills and knowledge to either solve your problems/challenges or to improve and optimise your process.

Refractory Design

Refractory design, design evaluation and optimisation.

Coaching & Mentoring

Assisting the leaders of tomorrow to become successful.

Refractory Selection & Process Management

Our consulting can include refractory selection and management of the process to optimise performance.

Inspections & Audits

Third party inspections and audits of refractories, refractory companies and installations. When it comes to the metallurgical aspects, we are able to conduct process, as well as metallurgical accounting audits for pyrometallurgical processes.

Operational, SHEQ & Commercial Evaluations

We conduct operational and commercial evaluations of base metal operations. Our team are also able to assist with SHEQ evaluations of smelting and refining processes.

Metallurgical Process Optimisation

Metallurgical process optimisation to reduce the impact on refractory performance.

Commissioning and Process Support

Managing and Supporting cold and hot commissioning processess for the brown field and the green field operations.






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