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RMS improves BBBEE status and updates strategy

Refractory and Metallurgical Solutions has recently completed its 2021 BBBEE audit and have improved from Level 7 to Level 5. Our target was Level 4, unfortunately, Covid-19 during 2020 hampered our efforts. However, the key highlights for RMS are: Black ownership is 33,08 percent with Black Female Ownership being 4,10 percent;Local manufacturer of refractory bricks […]

RMS launches Thermal Scanning Services

Refractory & Metallurgical Solutions has recently launched thermal scanning services. How it Works To inspect refractory material in furnaces, as well as kilns, the equipment must stop being used and then inspected visually. However, with the use of thermal imaging, production can continue whilst scanning the furnace or kiln. Hot spots will show up while […]