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RMS Broadens Product Offering with Graphite Electrodes

Refractory and Metallurgical Solutions is happy to announce the addition of graphite electrodes and products to their product offerings. RMS has secured a source of graphite products from a reputable Chinese supplier. In addition, together with our major shareholder, have come up with innovative financing options which can be offered to customers, easing cashflow constraints […]

Refractory and Metallurgical Solution fused grain prices impacted by graphite electrode pricing

The ongoing volatility in the graphite electrode pricing from China will impact RMS produced fused grain and magnesia chromite prices. RMS produces fused magnesia chromite spinels at it Vereeniging plant, which are used in the production of magnesia chrome refractories. The current surge in electrode prices of more than 300 percent, will have a big […]

Anglo American Platinum tender awarded to RMS

Anglo American Platinum awarded Refractory and Metallurgical Solutions the full refractory supply contract for the Unki Smelter in Zimbabwe. The project requires just over 1000 tonnes of refractory products. The delivery deadline is end of January 2018. This demonstrates RMS ability to offer a full range of products for large projects and past track record […]

Chinese electrode shortage impacts its steel industry

Chinese electrode shortage rocks the steel industry. According to Gansu Province-based FangDa Carbon New Material Co., Ltd, a leading company in China’s graphite electrode sector, as of the end of July this year average graphite electrode prices in China indicated a year-on-year rise of 695 percent due to tight supply. As for 2017, FangDa Carbon […]

Chinese mineral supply squeeze: hangover to 2018 likely

• Environmental and explosives controls impact output, prices increase• Magnesite supply reform: state control of raw magnesite sales• Bauxite/BFA supply also challenged How green is my valley? Mining of magnesite and production of magnesia in Liaoning province has been severely hit by a combination of very limited provision of explosives for mining and environmental inspections […]

Chinese magnesite supply: 80% to come under state control & consolidation

The prospect of China’s magnesite mining sector coming under state ownership accompanied by consolidation of major players into one entity is looking increasingly likely to come to fruition this year. The Huaziyu magnesite mine, Haicheng, the second largest magnesite mine in Liaoning province. This magnesite source and others like it are soon to be part […]

Refractory and Metallurgical Solutions – Monolithic refractory products

Refractory and Metallurgical Solutions offers the full range of monolithic refractory products, from basic, high alumina, alumina chrome and alumina silicate based mortars, ramming materials, gunning materials and castables. RMS previously produced only basic, high alumina and alumina chrome products, all developed in house. These products are complimentary to the basic, high alumina and alumina […]

Leader in magnesia chrome brick: Refractory & Metallurgical Solutions

Refractory and Metallurgical Solutions (RMS) is a leader in the production of magnesia chrome brick products. These products have been developed in house over many years and together with customer feedback have been refined to the products that are offered today. All products are manufactured using fused grain raw material. This raw material is produced […]

Refractory & Metallurgical Solution Introduction

Dear Valued Customers, Please find a brief introduction to our company and products that we can offer. History and Background of the Business Vereeniging Refractories was started in 1882 by Sammy Marx in Vereeniging. The business was started when the clays around the area showed superior refractory properties. The company evolved through the decades to […]

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