Refractory and Metallurgical Solutions offers the full range of monolithic refractory products, from basic, high alumina, alumina chrome and alumina silicate based mortars, ramming materials, gunning materials and castables. RMS previously produced only basic, high alumina and alumina chrome products, all developed in house. These products are complimentary to the basic, high alumina and alumina chrome bricks produced and supplied by the company, utilising the same raw materials. In 2015, RMS entered into toll manufacturing agreements with Vesuvius South Africa for brick manufacture and with LTM Technologies for monolithic production.

LTM Technologies is a company specialising in the ferrous industries and have developed world class alumina silicate monolithic products. RMS moved a newly built monolithic plant to LTM’s site for the production of  basic, high alumina and alumina chrome monolithic products. The facility was modified to increase production capacity and capability of all monolithic products. The facility is owned by RMS and operated by LTM. For the basic, high alumina and alumina chrome production, raw materials and the IP for manufacture is owned and supplied by RMS. RMS maintains a technical presence over production of these products. The relationship allows RMS access to the LTM Technologies developed alumina silicate range of monolithic products, as well as a large modern precast facility. The production facility if ISO 9000 accredited. You can visit their website at

Monolithic refractory products and services:

  • Basic mortars, gunning and ramming materials, castables;
  • High alumina ramming materials and mortar;
  • Alumina Chrome ramming materials, mouldable and mortars;
  • Alumina Silicate mortars, gunning and ramming materials, conventional and low cement castable;
  • Precast facilities using all produced monolithic materials, with drying facilities;
  • Installation Supervision.

Our focus is to supply quality products from the best available raw materials that will deliver superior performance at the lowest cost.

For more information, please contact us at +27 16 100 4284 or [email protected]. Please also visit our website at

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