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PGM’s, Au and Ag

RMS refractory solutions are used in furnaces producing more than half of the world’s PGMS. Our extensive knowledge of furnaces used for PGM and precious metals recovery and refining allows us to provide practical and cost effective solutions. RMS are one of the world leading suppliers of six in line, circular electric arc furnaces, slag cleaning vessels and converter refractories.

Our products have been developed in house and range from magnesia chromite, hydration resistant magnesia, high alumina, alumina chrome and alumina silicate refractories. RMS continuously monitors the performance of these products and makes improvements to the product to continually improve performance.

Copper, Nickel and Lead

RMS specialist knowledge of base metals pyrometallurgy, together with in house developed refractories for these processes, sets us apart from other suppliers. Our approach is one of analyzing the process and then matching the best available product to the application.

Once installed, the process is monitored to identify operational practices that will impact refractory performance. Continual improvements are conducted based on information collected, ensuring that today’s performance is tomorrows target + x. RMS has a full range of refractory products for copper, nickel and lead smelting and refining processes. The core products have been developed using our in house produced fused magnesia chromite spinel, giving RMS the ability to improve on the base raw material composition within a short period of time.

Iron, Steel, Ilmenite and Foundries

RMS has developed bespoke refractory solutions to many clients in the Ferrous industries. Our approach is not one of matching or beating the competition, but one of finding the BEST solution which gives the customer better vessel availability at the lowest cost per tonne final product.

RMS supplies a range of alumina silicate shaped and unshaped products to the Iron and Steel and foundry industry metal transfer applications. Shaped products are produced primarily from Andalusite and chamotte and are either dry pressed brick or precast shapes. In addition RMS produces basic products for degassers, BOF and EAF back linings and hot face linings for foundry EAF’s. Through our international suppliers we are able to source the full range of carbon based refractories.

Cement and Glass

RMS has recently teamed up with India’s second largest Cement and Refractory producer, Dalmia OCL, to market and sell shaped refractories into the Cement and Glass industries. With world class products used extensively in India and Europe, RMS is excited to offer these products into Southern Africa.

These products range from magnesia spinel cement rotary kiln brick, bauxite based brick, AlSi brick. For glass applications, OCL produces a full range of super duty silica, fused silica, silica insulation and high alumina brick for glass applications. Together with RMS unshaped products produced locally, we are able to offer the the cement and glass industries within SADC with cost effective and lasting refractory solutions.

DC Arc Furnaces

RMS in house expertise on DC arc furnaces has been identified as a key strength, allowing RMS to assist customers with DC furnaces to improve refractory performance. RMS has developed refractory products for DC furnace applications in the Ferro Chrome and Ilmenite industries. These refractories have been designed to improve furnace campaign life. These refractories are sidewall, roof and taphole refractories, manufactured from the best quality raw materials.

Ferro Alloys

RMS understands the needs of ferro alloy producers where furnace productivity and costs are cornerstones to the success of these businesses. Our focus is the nurture partnerships with ferro alloy producers to assist in resolving refractory problems impacting furnace productivity.

RMS supplies shaped and unshaped refractory products to various ferroalloy producers, ranging from Ferro Chrome, Ferro Vanadium, Ferro Manganese and Ferro Nickel applications. RMS is pioneering a revolutionary non destructive inspection solution of large monolithic installations in this sector.